Mark Wilson

Creative Designer

I've been doing this for quite awhile and have worked with companies of all sizes. Every new client is different than the last and I love that but there are some things I've learned that remain consistent throughout:

A. Hard work is just as important as raw talent.

B. There is absolutely no reason or benefit to having an ego about I do.

C. 50% of design is research and communication.

I love simplicity. Most designers employ more tools, colors, fonts, and tricks to achieve the design they want. I'm always limiting myself. If I get stuck, I take more away. The end result is more creative and in this mobile web, fast moving, 5-second attention span world, instant recognizability is key. I get there with minimal but solid color combinations and font pairings, Good typography, and clean, sharp designs. My main area of expertise these days is UI design for web and mobile, Wordpress design, and development, Logo and branding but don't be afraid to ask me for anything. I've done it all over the years.


Want to chat about your new idea? Discuss my process? Complain about your current designer? Feel free to drop me a line about anything by filling out the contact form, email me directly at, or call me at 619.536.4014.

Mark Wilson Designs

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