User Interface Design

Clean, modern, user-focused design for responsive websites and mobile apps. Lightweight, attractive, and SEO friendly. Delivered in a package that any developer can instantly understand and appreciate.


I have been creating logos and branding for companies of all sizes for 15 years. I have developed a unique thought process and workflow in that time that gives my clients many options and opportunities to add their vision. Concept to final product at a price far lower than the ridiculous current price trends.

The Kitchen Sink

I am always told to say that I'm a specialist and sell myself as a single niche designer. Well, I've been doing this far too long to be your icon guy and I prefer to enjoy my work. I have done it all and often after 15 years. Print, clothing, motion, powerpoint, illustration and more. My clients love the fact that they can call on me for any need they may have and I love the challenge.